A waste incinerator safely and quickly disposes of material that is no longer wanted or needed, or that would pose a threat to humans, animals, and the environment if it were not destroyed. This might include medical waste, biological byproducts, animal carcasses, drugs, and police evidence. A waste incinerator burns this material efficiently, so that all that is left is gas and ash. If you’re considering a waste incinerator for your farm, veterinary practice, police station, or other business, here’s a closer look at how they work. 

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  • Mechanics of a Waste Incinerator

Waste enters a waste incinerator through the feed hole, and travels down a chute into the first combustion chamber. In that chamber, air and fuel combine to incinerate the waste. Ash falls downward into a receptacle, and gas travels upward to a second combustion chamber. The second combustion chamber essentially sanitizes or cleans the gas by removing particulate matter, so that it can safely exit the chamber into the air without releasing toxins or hazardous byproducts. 

  • Safety and Hazards

Waste incineration is much more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious than other hazardous waste disposal methods. To ensure the process is safe, you should only use a waste incinerator that is properly designed and rated for the type of waste you’re destroying. You will also need to comply with all operating procedures. If the waste incinerator is operated properly — there should not be odors, smoke, or dust. Remaining ash can be buried or disposed of as allowed by local law.

  • Why Use a Waste Incinerator

A waste incinerator can destroy a wide range of highly dangerous, toxic, and contaminated waste. This protects humans, animals, and the environment, and reduces the strain on natural resources as well as the amount of material that would otherwise need to be disposed of in a landfill. Onsite incineration means that you can quickly dispose of byproducts that could affect public health and safety, create bad odors or release toxins that could become dangerous if not disposed of properly.

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