Any business that needs to complete routine animal carcass disposal should have an agricultural incinerator onsite. Agricultural incinerators allow for the safe, complete, and hygienic disposal of animal carcasses, byproducts, agricultural waste, and other bio-medical waste onsite, without the need to pay an outside company for pickup and destruction. Here’s a look at why agricultural businesses need an agricultural incinerator onsite:

animal carcass disposal

Hygienic Animal Carcass Disposal

An agricultural incinerator ensures fast, hygienic animal carcass disposal, so your company remains in compliance with state animal disposal laws. Rather than having to pay an outside company to come and pick up your fallen livestock, you can keep the process onsite and retain your autonomy by ensuring your own biosecurity through hygienic animal waste disposal practices. You can also guarantee the safety of your farm, employees, animals, and business by eliminating the need for animal carcasses and agricultural waste to be sitting around — causing pollution and hygiene issues while you wait for collection.

Fast and Efficient Disposal of Agricultural Waste

Having an onsite agricultural incinerator offers faster and more efficient disposal of animal waste. You won’t need to store animals and wait for collection and processing. You can instead quickly destroy agricultural waste and livestock carcasses yourself. 

Save Money and Remain Independent

With an agricultural incinerator onsite, you will save money and recoup the cost of your initial investment. You will also remain independent and gain autonomy, as you won’t be relying on an outside company to complete your animal carcass disposal for you. 

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