Cremator FAQS

Cremators, or crematoriums, are specialized pieces of equipment that may leave you with some questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked cremator questions to help you navigate the functionality, options, and cost of incorporating a cremator into your business’s operations.

Your Cremator FAQs and Answers


What is the Difference Between a Cremator and an Incinerator?FAQs

Cremators are simply a type of incinerator. It comes down to preference, as one term may be more appealing to use than the other. The terminology used may make a difference if a permit is filed to operate the equipment.

Is a Cremator a Cost-Effective Investment?

The operation of a cremator can be profitable. There are several ways you generate cash flow by adding a cremator to your operations, depending on the nature of your business. It can also generate savings by properly disposing of the waste generated by your facility rather than hiring a waste-disposal company.

Do You Need Specialized Training to Use a Cremator?

There is no required training or skills to operate a cremator. Learning to operate a cremator is a simple process that will take your staff no more than a couple of hours to master. The cremator process is straightforward; load it, close it, press the start button, return once the cremation is complete and remove the ash.

What Type of Fuel Should I Use with my Cremator?

There is no designated fuel for cremators; we suggest using whichever is most cost-effective in your area.

What is the Largest Cremator Size You Carry?

We carry a Firelake Manufacturing cremator with enough space to successfully dispose of large animals, such as horses.

Does Operating Temperature Matter When Using a Cremator?

Operating a cremator at high temperatures increases equipment costs and burns more fuel. Using as much temperature as needed to burn off the waste stream effectively is recommended. In certain areas, local authorities may have temperature requirements that must be respected to obtain a permit to operate.
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