From auto repair shops to trucking companies, many businesses generate a large amount of waste oil as part of their operations. Proper disposal of waste oil can be tricky, and many businesses end up paying a hauler to remove it and discard it according to local regulations. However, there is a way to repurpose that waste oil and burn it cleanly, while reducing your own energy costs. 

waste oil boiler by Energy Logic, Mountain State EquipmentWaste oil heaters and boilers are powered by waste oil, so they burn the oil cleanly and produce heat or hot water, drastically reducing energy costs for businesses. Energy Logic is a leading producer of eco-friendly waste oil heaters and boilers, offers solutions for businesses that produce at least 500 gallons a year of waste oil and who want to cut costs while being more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the best applications for a Clean Burn waste oil burner. 

Car Washes

Car washes require a tremendous supply of water, and they frequently rely on hot water for certain aspects of the cleaning process. A waste oil boiler can ensure a steady supply of hot water that also serves to safely dispose of waste oil while avoiding the costs typically associated with other boiler systems. 

Snow and Ice Melting

In tough winter conditions, melting snow and ice quickly is essential. With an EnergyLogic or Firelake waste oil boiler, you don’t have to choose between using hot water to de-ice and the size of your energy bill. 

Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat is a great way to keep workspaces comfortable. Although this kind of heating system is typically costly, a waste oil boiler makes it much more affordable, not to mention efficient. Reap the benefits of heating your space while safely disposing of waste oil.

At Mountain State Equipment, we’re proud to offer both EnergyLogic and Firelake waste oil boilers and heaters, and our customer service-driven team of experts is ready to answer your questions about finding the right system for you. We offer top-of-the-line products as well as maintenance services to customers in Beckley, WV, and the surrounding region. For more information, call us toll free at (877) 253-7306 or fill out our contact form here.