Long ago, getting rid of waste oil used to mean dumping it into waterways and allowing it to seep into groundwater. Today, we know better. Oil may eventually break down naturally, but the sheer volume of waste oil generated by modern industrial practices is far too much to dump without regard for the environment and for the communities that depend on these water supplies. Fortunately, there is a solution that is good for the environment and industrial users’ bottom lines: waste oil equipment. Waste oil equipment saves local waterways by repurposing used oil for other uses in factories, automobile shops, agricultural facilities, and more. Here is a look at what you need to know.

Basics About Waste Oil EquipmentBrief History of Waste Oil Equipment

In the 1970s, a shortage of petroleum led to long lines at the gas pumps and soaring oil prices that were driving up operational costs at many industrial facilities. A Pennsylvania businessman then had an idea that revolutionized the way industrial users dealt with the waste they generated: Why not use the waste oil that was created during normal operations to provide power for facility operations? Although burning dirty oil was initially untenable, eventually, technologies were developed that facilitated the clean burning of used oil. Even when petroleum prices stabilized, industrial and agricultural businesses saw no reason to go back to buying new fuel to run machinery and power furnaces when their waste oil could be recycled to provide the same power.

How to Choose Waste Oil Equipment

There are several different types and sizes of waste oil equipment, so work with a knowledgeable supplier to help you select the right equipment for your needs. Look for waste oil equipment that is EPA-certified, so that you know you’ll be burning clean oil. Consider equipment that can burn multiple types of oil, as well as equipment that has an internal air compressor. It can also be helpful to use waste oil tanks that remove impurities with fuel pick-up capabilities, to keep your oil for burning clean. 

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