Choosing the right crematory equipment for veterinary practices and agricultural sites involves many different considerations, but budget certainly ranks near the top. Crematory equipment comes with a variety of different available features, so determining which of these features is essential for you and which you can do without will help you budget for your purchase. As you weigh your options, here are factors that will help you make the right choice. 

Secondary Burn Chambers

Firelake Crematory Equipment P50 3G SC2 - Mountain State EquipmentA secondary burn chamber is used to make sure unburned gasses are combusted and that any particulate left after the first incineration are fully burned. The secondary burn chamber helps to clean emissions from the crematory, but it does represent an additional expense at the time of purchase as well as an increased price of use over time, since the second chamber will increase the amount of fuel you need. Not everyone using a cremation machine really needs a second burn chamber, so consult with your equipment supplier to determine if it is appropriate for your work. 

Local Regulations

Some areas have specific regulations that set minimum burn temperature requirements and retention time. Higher minimum temperatures and retention windows yield higher equipment and operation costs. If your area allows, try to keep your burn temperature around 1,000 degrees F and your retention time under one second. Although many municipal regulations insist on temperatures of at least 1,600 degrees F and retention times of over two seconds, those regulations exceed the actual crematory equipment requirements, so you can reduce costs without losing functionality by keeping them lower if you are permitted. 

Fuel Type

Cremation equipment generally runs on diesel, propane, or natural gas. Diesel machines tend to be less expensive upfront, but in the long run, natural gas usually ends up being the most cost-effective choice. If you plan to use your crematory equipment regularly, look at long-term fuel costs over up-front investment to make your decision. 

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