Why Firelake Incinerators are Trusted by Farms and Other Agricultural Businesses

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The Leading Choice for Agricultural Waste Incineration

Incineration is the most efficient process for risk reduction when dealing with removing livestock carcasses and waste. Firelake Manufacturing’s agricultural incinerators aid farmers in preventing contamination and keeping their facilities clean and orderly. Firelake offers several incinerator models to accommodate the individual needs and budgets of farmers across the United States. 

A600 Firelake agricultural Incinerators

The Importance of a Reliable Agricultural Incinerator 

Proper disposal of animal carcasses and waste is crucial to keep your facility clean and safe. A reliable agricultural incinerator reduces the potential spread of harmful diseases and creates a healthy environment for your animals and employees. Composting and other disposal methods do not prevent the spread of disease and groundwater contamination as effectively as agricultural incinerators, and with the gravity of these risks, it is crucial to ensure proper waste elimination within your facility. Destroy waste as fast as it accumulates with one of Firelake’s leading incinerators. 

The Benefits of Firelake’s Leading Agricultural Incinerators 

Firelake’s incinerators are unparalleled; they offer industry-leading results that help improve the efficiency and safety of your facility. Their incinerators are biosecure, sanitary, and proven to provide quality incineration. They are offered in a variety of burner models to suit your specific needs, with incinerators that can hold 200 to 800 pounds per use. They are user-friendly — simply set the timer and the incinerator will get the job done while you focus on what’s important. Firelake’s incinerators also run on your choice of fuel for added convenience, choose between oil, LP, or natural gas. 

Keep your business safe while reducing waste and the cost of dealing with the waste by trusting Firelake agricultural incinerators to get your disposal jobs done, quickly and efficiently. Mountain State Equipment is your trusted dealer of Firelake incinerators in West Virginia. Contact us today at 877-253-7306

Understanding Medical Marijuana Waste Guidelines

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If you operate a medical marijuana farm or dispensary in Beckley, WV, or the surrounding areas, you know how important it is to follow local and state guidelines for growing, selling, and properly disposing of medical marijuana waste. Medical marijuana waste in Beckley, WV must be disposed of in a timely manner, using a method that is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Disposing of Cannabis Waste That is Rendered Unusable

Medical marijuana waste that is rendered unusable, such as returned, recalled, contaminated, or expired cannabis waste or biproducts, must be completely and safely destroyed. This medical marijuana/cannabis waste must be rendered unrecognizable through thermal heat treatment or melting; shredding, grinding, or tearing; and incorporating the resulting medical marijuana waste into municipal waste systems.

Following Local and State Law

Understanding Medical Marijuana Waste Guidelines - Firelake - Mountain State Equipment

To maintain your license and avoid fines and fees, you must follow local and State law for medical marijuana/cannabis waste disposal. In West Virginia, that means being fully compliant with and knowledgeable of W. Va. Code R, §64-110-22.

Methods of Medical Marijuana Waste Disposal

The most effective, safe, and reliable method of marijuana waste disposal is using a commercial incinerator. An incinerator will thoroughly melt and destroy all parts, pieces, and biproducts of medical marijuana waste in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. While an incinerator is a big investment upfront, it will last a lifetime and can be operated onsite. Commercial incinerators will destroy medical marijuana waste down to ash, at which point it can be safely disposed of in the municipal waste system.

Reach out to Mountain State for Waste Incinerators

If you’re looking for a  medical cannabis waste incinerator in Beckley, WV or surrounding areas for your farm, dispensary, facility, or transportation warehouse, our knowledgeable staff at Mountain State Equipment can help you choose the right one. We only sell top of the line equipment, and we’re the only dealer of Firelake Incinerators in the area. Call us today at (877) 253-7306, visit our showroom, or contact us online to learn more about medical marijuana waste incinerators in the Beckley, WV area.

What’s the Right Incinerator for Large Dairy Farms?

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Choosing the right dairy farm incinerator ensures that you are being cost effective, and that you have a safe, healthy, and compliant way to handle animal incineration and waste. The size of your dairy cow incinerator will ultimately depend upon the size of your animals and your overall operations.

What to Consider When Choosing an Incineratordairy farm incinerator - Mountain State Equipment

The primary thing to consider when choosing a dairy farm incinerator in the Beckley area is the size of the animals you wish to load. Another factor to think about is smoke and smell control. You want a dairy farm incinerator with a secondary afterburner chamber to reduce the amount of smoke produced. Finally, you also want to make sure the dairy farm incinerator has a large enough door opening for your needs.

Best Choices for Large Animal Dairy Farms

Your best choice of incinerator or crematorium for a large dairy farm is one that has 3-4 burners; however, some incinerators have 4-6 burners for particularly large operations. Your incinerator BTU for the primary chamber should be at least 640,000 and the secondary chamber should be 800,000-1,000,000. 

Product Comparisons

The easiest way for you to choose an appropriate dairy farm incinerator is to reach out to an incinerator or crematorium dealer in the area who knows the local dairy farm business, like Mountain State Equipment. This gives you a chance to compare different brands and models and discuss your needs with an expert to ensure you choose the right dairy cow incinerator for your farm’s volume.

Call Mountain State Equipment Today!

At Mountain State Equipment, our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right incinerator for your dairy farm for your needs. We only sell top of the line equipment, and we’re an exclusive local certified dealer of Firelake Incinerators. Call us today at (877) 253-7306 or contact us online to learn more about our crematoriums and dairy cow incinerators.

Choosing the Right Medical Waste Incinerator for Your Hospital or Clinic

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Incineration is one of the safest, most efficient ways of handling medical waste. Whether you’re running a nursing home or a major hospital, medical waste incinerators quickly reduce your medical waste to ashes on-site. This means you can avoid transporting potentially hazardous materials to other locations, which increases the risk of exposure to your staff and the community. To get the most out of your medical waste incinerator, there are a few factors to consider. Ask yourself these questions when picking the best medical waste incinerator for your facility. 

What kind of medical waste do I need to incinerate?

medical waste incinerator - Mountain State Equipment

The type of waste that your medical facility deals with is a major factor when selecting an incinerator. Do you deal with mostly solid or liquid waste? How often do you deal with infectious diseases at your facility? What is your volume of medical waste versus non-hazardous waste? These considerations will help you select an incinerator than can handle the type and volume of waste you need to destroy. Pick an incinerator that can handle the upper level of what you’ll need. For instance, even if you only occasionally deal with infectious diseases in your facility, your incinerator should be capable of handling that kind of waste for the occasions on which it is necessary. 

What volume of medical waste do I need to incinerate?

Medical waste incinerators come in a variety of sizes. The largest models can incinerate up to 1,600 pounds of waste at once. By considering the volume of medical waste you generate, you can avoid overpaying for more incinerator capacity than you need without sacrificing your ability to manage your incineration needs quickly and efficiently. 

What fuel source will I be using?

Medical incinerators run on diesel, propane, or natural gas. The right fuel source for your needs depends on your budget, location, volume of waste, and existing fuel availability at your facility. At Mountain State Equipment, our team can explain the pros and cons of different fuel options to help you choose. 

Reach out to Mountain State Equipment Today

Mountain State Equipment offers a large selection of medical waste incinerators in Beckley, WV, and beyond. Let our knowledgeable team guide you towards the right incinerator for your facility. Dial 877.253.7306 for more information or contact us here.

Tips for Getting Started in the Pet Cremation Business

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Pet cremation is an in-demand service, with more pet families looking for personalized ways to say goodbye to their pets and keep their remains close. Keep these tips in mind when you’re ready to start your pet cremation business. 

Consider Which Kind of Cremation You Want to Offer

pet cremation business - Mountain State EquipmentThere are multiple business models for pet cremation companies. Some companies focus on private pet cremation, in which families cremate their pets and receive their remains. Other businesses service veterinary practices and farms that need mass cremation services. Still other cremation businesses focus on large animal cremation, such as equine cremation. Determining which type of cremation that you want to offer will help you select the right equipment, and it will also help you decide how to create a marketing plan, based on the kinds of customers you want to attract. 

Learn the Cremation Regulations in Your Area

Most cities have regulations regarding pet cremation. These regulations include things like where the incinerator can run and how you are required to dispose of waste. Learn these regulations before you start your business and get any licenses that are required up front, so you don’t run into problems when you open your business. You could face fines or even lose your business license for failing to comply with regulations. 

Choose the Cremation Equipment You Need

When choosing the incinerator or crematorium you need for your business, there are multiple factors to consider. One is the size of the animals that you plan to handle. There is special equipment for large animals, if you expect to service customers with horses and other farm animals. You should also consider the anticipated lifespan of the equipment and the warranty time, so you can weigh those factors against your projected earnings. 

Mountain State Equipment in Beckley, WV can assist you as you choose the pet cremation equipment you need for your new business. We’re your local dealer of Firelake incinerators and crematoriums and offer a variety of options for all business models. Learn more by calling us now at (877) 253-7306 or contacting us here.