Incineration is one of the safest, most efficient ways of handling medical waste. Whether you’re running a nursing home or a major hospital, medical waste incinerators quickly reduce your medical waste to ashes on-site. This means you can avoid transporting potentially hazardous materials to other locations, which increases the risk of exposure to your staff and the community. To get the most out of your medical waste incinerator, there are a few factors to consider. Ask yourself these questions when picking the best medical waste incinerator for your facility. 

What kind of medical waste do I need to incinerate?

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The type of waste that your medical facility deals with is a major factor when selecting an incinerator. Do you deal with mostly solid or liquid waste? How often do you deal with infectious diseases at your facility? What is your volume of medical waste versus non-hazardous waste? These considerations will help you select an incinerator than can handle the type and volume of waste you need to destroy. Pick an incinerator that can handle the upper level of what you’ll need. For instance, even if you only occasionally deal with infectious diseases in your facility, your incinerator should be capable of handling that kind of waste for the occasions on which it is necessary. 

What volume of medical waste do I need to incinerate?

Medical waste incinerators come in a variety of sizes. The largest models can incinerate up to 1,600 pounds of waste at once. By considering the volume of medical waste you generate, you can avoid overpaying for more incinerator capacity than you need without sacrificing your ability to manage your incineration needs quickly and efficiently. 

What fuel source will I be using?

Medical incinerators run on diesel, propane, or natural gas. The right fuel source for your needs depends on your budget, location, volume of waste, and existing fuel availability at your facility. At Mountain State Equipment, our team can explain the pros and cons of different fuel options to help you choose. 

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