Waste Oil Heater Benefits 

Waste oil heating has recently increased in popularity, and with good reason! Agricultural businesses, garages, car dealerships, and more all run operations that produce waste oil. A waste oil heater can help these types of businesses boost profits by repurposing their waste in a waste oil heater. Find out how you can utilize clean energy within your facility and save big bucks while doing so! 

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative 

Reckless disposal of waste oil can contaminate soil and water and harm our environment. Recycling and reusing waste oil minimizes further pollutants and helps keep the environment clean. It also limits energy consumption. Processing raw materials requires a significantly larger amount of energy than recycling oil. Waste oil heaters do right by the environment by not further depleting our planet of its natural resources. 

Cost-Effective Heating

cost saving benefits of waste oil heater

Waste oil heaters turn used oil into free heat for your business, allowing you to save money on your utilities. They also reduce the cost and risk of transporting used oil from your property as you must use an authorized transporter when removing waste, which adds a significant dollar sign to an already expensive process. Waste oil heaters offer an excellent return on investment, as they are cost-effective and save you money on heating costs. 

Clean Energy, Clean Cost, Clean Smell 

Now that you know that the benefits of waste oil heaters offer great environmental advantages and unbeatable cost savings, it is important to note that they also burn very clean. Impurities in the waste oil will be turned to ash and will not cause additional mess or an unpleasant smell. Waste oil heaters give off no different smell than a regular furnace, work just as reliably and offer plenty more advantages to your wallet and your planet. 

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