Choosing the right dairy farm incinerator ensures that you are being cost effective, and that you have a safe, healthy, and compliant way to handle animal incineration and waste. The size of your dairy cow incinerator will ultimately depend upon the size of your animals and your overall operations.

What to Consider When Choosing an Incineratordairy farm incinerator - Mountain State Equipment

The primary thing to consider when choosing a dairy farm incinerator in the Beckley area is the size of the animals you wish to load. Another factor to think about is smoke and smell control. You want a dairy farm incinerator with a secondary afterburner chamber to reduce the amount of smoke produced. Finally, you also want to make sure the dairy farm incinerator has a large enough door opening for your needs.

Best Choices for Large Animal Dairy Farms

Your best choice of incinerator or crematorium for a large dairy farm is one that has 3-4 burners; however, some incinerators have 4-6 burners for particularly large operations. Your incinerator BTU for the primary chamber should be at least 640,000 and the secondary chamber should be 800,000-1,000,000. 

Product Comparisons

The easiest way for you to choose an appropriate dairy farm incinerator is to reach out to an incinerator or crematorium dealer in the area who knows the local dairy farm business, like Mountain State Equipment. This gives you a chance to compare different brands and models and discuss your needs with an expert to ensure you choose the right dairy cow incinerator for your farm’s volume.

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