Taking care of your lawn is a big job, so it makes sense that you may be tempted to use a riding mower to make the work a little easier. Riding mowers are excellent for keeping your grass trimmed, but they aren’t right for every lawn. Should you consider a riding mower? Keep these things in mind as you decide whether to stick with a push lawnmower or upgrade to a riding model for your space. 

Size of Your Lawn

Is a Riding Mower Right for Your Lawn? - Mountain State EquipmentNaturally, the size of your lawn is one of the biggest factors to consider when you are choosing a lawn mower. As a rule, it is recommended that you only consider a riding mower if your lawn is more than three-fourths of an acre in size. With a smaller lawn, you may not get your money’s worth with a riding mower. The size of your lawn also guides the size of riding mower you get. Look at the cut width on different mowers. This tells you how wide the strip of grass is that a mower can cut in one pass. The larger your lawn, the larger the cut width you should look for in a riding mower. 

Terrain and Landscaping

If your lawn is on the cusp in terms of recommended size for a riding mower, consider the terrain and landscaping. If your property has a lot of uneven ground and tight turns, you may benefit from the turn radius capability of a riding mower. Similarly, if you have a lot of flowers and other plants, riding mowers can make it easier to mow as closely as possible to these features without damaging them. 

Other Landscaping Work

If you not only mow your lawn but also take care of other landscaping work, like seeding, tilling, and mulching, a riding mower may make the job easier, since you can tow your equipment around behind the mower. You can even attach a snowblower to your riding mower for winter. 

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