Obtaining the right incinerator permit, ensures you are in compliance with local and state laws and statutes. Getting an incinerator permit is not a difficult process, but it does require attention to detail and follow through so that you don’t miss an important step or deadline. Here’s a quick look at how to go about getting the right permit for your new incinerator:

Start at the City or Town Level

incinerator permit rulesEach state has its own regulations, including rules, laws, and statutes, for a safe and compliant operation of commercial incinerators. These rules may depend on where you’re located, what purpose the incinerator serves, your industry, and whether any of the materials being incinerated are harmful or hazardous. To begin the process of applying for an incinerator permit, you should start at your local city or town level. Contact your local air quality management department or agricultural extension agent to find out what kind of permit you need, and which agency regulates and hands out these permits.

Ask for Assistance in Completing Permit Paperwork

If there is anything about the permit paperwork or required documentation that doesn’t make sense, you have the right to ask for assistance in completing the paperwork. Filling out paperwork for an incinerator permit incorrectly may result in a delay in approving your permit, or even a denial of the permit application. Request assistance from the permitting agency or an attorney specializing in permit compliance.

File Your Permit Request Timely and Follow Up

Make sure you adhere to all deadlines when filing your incinerator permit request and all necessary documentation. Take note of the time frame in which you can expect to receive a response and follow up with the permitting agency if you don’t receive a permit or response.

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