EnergyLogic 375B Waste Oil Boiler

  • BTU Input: 375,000 BTU (110 kW) per hour
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 2.7 gallons/hour (10.2 liters/hour)
  • Water Output Temp: 230º F (110º C)
  • Capacity: 43 gallons (162.75 liters)
  • Exhaust flue diameter: 8”
  • Dimensions: 45”H x 28”W x 60”D


Get the Facts on Our Waste Oil Boilers

The Best Use for Your Waste Oil

Experience the EL 375B Boiler that ensures easy access and maintenance. With the flame retention head, this patented design creates a hotter flame for complete fuel combustion and highest heat output. Less ash is produced resulting in longer maintenance intervals than competing brands. Its Aquasmart technology has the built-in memory and system history that provides diagnostics for long-lasting efficient operation. This is the only boiler vessel built specifically for waste oil from the ground up. The heavy carbon-steel construction is stronger and more efficient than cast-iron and coil-tube boilers provided by other brands.
Having options is key, that is why we installed the dynamic temperature reset option so that you can decrease fuel consumption by up to 20%. You also have the optional integrated domestic hot water coil. An open-loop domestic coil can be added to run closed and open loops simultaneously. Provides hot water for restrooms, carwash, dishwashers and more.
Think safe and be safe with a low water cut off, high-temperature limit, pressure relief valve and triple aquastat, your EL 375B waste oil boiler is as safe as they come. This boiler comes with a wet floor-based heat exchanger that prevents hot spots and deterioration.
We think green, and leaving as small of a footprint as possible is our goal. This boiler saves space and makes installation simpler and more flexible with unit stacking and flue options.
The accutemp preheater rapidly heats the widest range of viscosities of used oil, synthetic oil and other acceptable fuels while the integrated air compressor was built in so you don’t have to connect to and rely on shop air.
MSE Firelake offers a variety of waste oil heating systems including this EnergyLogic 375B Waste Oil Boiler to meet your waste oil heating needs.

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