A200 Incinerator

  • Incinerator recirculates flue gases assure clean operation.
  • Built by specialists in incinerator systems.
  • Designed for safe, easy operation with simple to use controls.
  • Includes many benefits of high-priced systems, yet within the budgets of small facilities.
  • 200 pound rated load capacity.
  • Easy to use… Set timers and walk away.
  • Available with LP, Natural Gas, or Oil burners.
  • Lowest operating cost in the industry.

A200 Incinerator Product Specifications

200 lbs. (91 kg) Chamber Capacity
6.3 cubic foot (.18 cubic meters) Chamber Volume


    • A200 Agricultural Incinerator by Firelake Manufacturing includes a concave refractory bottom specifically designed to ensure burnout and total destruction of solid and liquid wastes.
    • Secondary chamber with burner available.Insulated, refractory-lined chambers and stacks for durability, energy retention, and emissions control.
    • High-temperature refractory-lined chamber walls.
    • Factory assembled, aluminized steel jacket lined with high temperature refractory.
    • Factory cured chambers and stacks.
    • Assembly of Agricultural Incinerator on-site can be done with common farm equipment.
    • Counter-balanced fill door.
    • Manual set burn time and automatic shut off.
    • Burn times are adjustable by the operator to meet varying loads.
    • Choice of fuels: LP, Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil.
    • Stack Test Data available on many models.


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