AirVolution-D 550

For medium to large spaces, the AirVolution-D 550 fan is extremely effective at controlling temperature and humidity. Ideal locations include auto shops, gyms and agricultural applications. The system design eliminates the gearbox for a lighter, leak-proof fan that is durable and runs with less friction. This design makes it easy to install, maintenance-free and practically inaudible. The full line is also Wash Down rated for indoor or outdoor use.

Key Specs

  • Airfoil sizes 8 to 18 ft. integrate into any medium to large space
  • Airfoils also available in black and other customizable colors
  • 70% lighter for easy installation, less wear and tear*
  • On-board AirBrain adapts to input voltages, optimizes fans motor control
  • No gearbox means quiet operation and no maintenance
  • Integrates into HVAC and other automated building systems via a gateway
  • Wash Down Duty rated for indoor/outdoor use (IP65)
Download Spec Sheet (pdf)


Mountain State Equipment offers commercial fans and industrial fans from MacroAir, including this AirVolution-D 550. MacroAir invented the big industrial ceiling fan – also known as the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan and has become a leader in the market. Contact Mountain State Equipment at 877-253-7306 or stop in our showroom in Beckley, WV to learn more.