Cremation System C12-400

The Cremation System C12-400 is designed specifically for veterinarians, humane societies, small animal control with all the features in a small animal crematory that you’ve been looking for!

  • Single batch load capacity up to 400 lbs. of carcass.
  • Easy loading 30 in. height for heavy animals.
  • No visible emissions or odors; EPA compliance.
  • Save fuel… Temperature Controller cycles primary burner on/off.
  • Easy to use… Set timers and walk away.
  • Thick high-temperature refractory lining throughout… Extends equipment life.
  • Available with either Natural Gas or LPG burners.

Cremation System C12-400 Specifications

400 lbs. (181 kg) Chamber Capacity
12 cu. ft. (3.7 cu. m.) Chamber Volume


MSE Firelake offers a variety of incinerators and crematoriums including this Cremation System C12-400 to meet your incineration and cremation needs. Complete the form below, call us at 877-253-7306, or stop in our showroom in Beckley, WV to learn more.

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