At Mountain State Equipment, we carry a wide range of products for home, garage, and commercial use.  We are an authorized dealer for top manufacturers such as Clean Burn, Cub Cadet, Scaf, E-Z-Go, Stihl, Firelake Manufacturing, and EnergyLogic. Whether you are looking for power equipment for lawn care, waste oil heaters for your garage or shop, or an incinerator or dust suppressant for your business, we are here to provide products for whatever your needs are.

Power Equipment

When it comes to power equipment, Mountain State Equipment has a full range of products to meet your needs in the yard, at home, or at work.  Our diverse product line includes lawnmowers from Cub Cadet, E-Z-Go golf carts and utility carts, Stihl saws, trimmers, and hand tools.

Dust Suppressant

Mountain State Equipment offers Coherex® Dust Retardant for effective and economical dust control, by coating the dust particles and making them heavy. Even in the harshest weather conditions, the stickiness is effective and dust stays put. Road dust can cause soil erosion, respiratory problems, crop damage, and other issues.

Incinerators & Crematoriums

Mountain State Equipment is a Firelake dealer for incinerators and crematorsFirelake incinerators and cremators are used in a wide variety of industries from agriculture, municipalities, veterinary, cannabis, and more. We serve those looking for an efficient and earth-friendly way of disposing of waste. We can provide proactive summer maintenance, repairs, and parts for all brands.

Waste Oil Heater and Boilers

Mountain State Equipment carries waste oil heaters and boilers for your garage, shop or business from top manufacturer EnergyLogic, Firelake. We have factory-certified technicians who can install waste oil heating equipment. We can provide proactive summer maintenance, repairs, and waste oil heater parts, as well as service for other waste oil heater brands.