Dust Suppressant

Mountain State Equipment offers Coherex® Dust Suppressant for effective and economical dust control, by coating the dust particles. Road dust can cause soil erosion, respiratory problems, crop damage, and other issues. 

Coherex® Dust Suppressant is Ideal for:Coherex® Dust Retardant - Dust Suppressant - Mountain State Equipment

  • Roadway/shoulder/laneway dust control
  • Orchard and vineyard dust control
  • Railroad grades
  • Steel mills
  • Slope stabilization
  • Water cannon application
  • Coal dust control
  • Vacant land tract

Coherex® Dust Retardant

Coherex® is a petroleum-based resin emulsion diluted with water. As Coherex® penetrates the soil, the dust particles stick together, becoming too heavy to be moved by the wind. Even in the harshest weather conditions, the stickiness is effective and dust stays put. 

Mountain State Equipment offers a variety of products for your residential and commercial needs including power equipment, waste oil heaters and boilers, incinerators and crematoriums and more. For more information about Coherex® Dust Control Solutions, please call Mountain State Equipment at 877-253-7306 or 304-253-7306.