Agriculture and Farm Incinerators

We have your clear choice for your unique agriculture incineration needs and budget! Durable. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

Don’t wait, implementing an agricultural incinerator system will alleviate headaches and offer immediate advantages to your agricultural operation. There’s a reason why Firelake incinerators are found on farms across the United States and used by all types of commercial operations, poultry farms and other ag-related businesses needing a low cost, high-performance solution for incineration needs.

Agricultural Incinerator Choices

Farm Incinerators at Mountain State Equipment

Firelake manufactured incinerators are designed to offer a series of advantages to a variety of commercial and agricultural applications that make our equipment a clear choice.

We believe in offering choices to better meet your needs. Firelake features several models designed to handle agricultural incineration requirements from solids to liquids, a range in capacity and volume, automatic controls, and more. These choices offer you a way to invest in an incinerator perfect for your needs and budget.

When animal and poultry mortality management is part of your business, you need incineration solutions designed to heighten your business processes and give you what you need: dependability, lower costs, reduced labor, and increased fuel efficiency.

Clean and Reliable Farm Incinerators

With Firelake Manufacturing’s Agricultural Incinerators, you can reduce waste, eliminate the potential spread of disease, and increase a healthy environment for your farm animals, workers, neighbors, and the environment. A healthy farm and environment are important, and Firelake incinerators are built to burn clean and be a safe alternative for carcass and animal by-product disposal. Firelake incinerators reduce the spread of disease and groundwater contamination that composting and other disposal methods don’t.

With so many working parts on a farm or commercial ag operation, you need the reliability and peace of mind that Firelake agriculture and farm incinerators offer in the following features:

  • Complete Simplicity! You’re able to set the timer, and trust the incinerator to do its job while you focus on other tasks.
  • Select the incineration capacity to best meet your needs and budget; from 200 pounds to 800 pounds.
  • Look forward to simple operation and user-friendly controls.
  • Reduce hundreds of pounds of animal waste to sterile ash in no time at all.
  • Run your incinerator on your fuel of choice; oil, LP or natural gas.

Contact us with any questions you may have about which incinerator is best for your needs.

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