Cannabis Waste Incinerators

Firelake Manufacturing incinerators take care of your cannabis waste disposal in a matter of minutes.

As the health-related benefits of medical cannabis become more widely accepted, so does the need for cannabis waste disposal. Medical marijuana growers, dispensaries, and transporters need to have a safe and efficient way to dispose of cannabis waste and Firelake Manufacturing has the solution. Incinerators can turn cannabis waste into harmless black ash in just a matter of minutes.

Our range of marijuana waste disposal equipment includes different incinerators that could be used on-site at a marijuana farm, a marijuana dispensary, or at a facility specifically designed to process cannabis waste. Marijuana plant waste, including roots, stalks, leaves, and stems can be completely destructed in a Firelake Manufacturing cannabis incinerator.

cannabis disposal incinerator at Mountain State EquipmentIncineration of the cannabis is done inside the main incineration burn chamber. There is also a second burn chamber located above the main chamber that destroys any materials that exit the lower chamber. In only a matter of minutes, marijuana waste is reduced into black ash. Temperatures can be adjusted as well as burner fuel flows to achieve optimum performance. Sealed doors and thick cast refractory walls contain the cannabis waste, heat, and odors until combustion is complete.

Firelake Manufacturing’s incinerators are designed with compliance and reliability in mind. Our cannabis waste disposal solutions are constructed with necessary security measures to be compliant with the FDA, building, and NFPA codes.

Cannabis Waste Incinerator Features:

  • Cannabis waste is reduced to black ash in a matter of minutes
  • High temperatures can be adjusted and are safely confined by refractory lined walls that are encased with coated steel sheet
  • Controls of the cannabis waste incinerator allow automatic operation after the operator loads the chamber
  • Normal operation of the medical marijuana incinerator is quiet, odor-free, and smoke-free
  • Our cannabis waste incinerator is compliant with the FDA, building, and NFPA codes

Firelake Manufacturing has many sizes and options for your medical marijuana disposal needs, whether you are a medical marijuana site, cultivation facility, or another legalized marijuana business. Contact us to help you determine which incinerator for cannabis destruction is the best solution for your needs.

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