Large Animal Cremators

Firelake Manufacturing offers large animal cremator equipment that is big enough to handle the job and requires minimal effort.

Firelake Manufacturing has been working with farmers, universities and private firms to help with horse, cow, and other large animal cremation needs. Our goal is to provide large animal cremators that are accessible, yet big enough to accept over-sized animals with minimal effort.

Incinerators for Farmers with Large Animals

large animal cremator at Mountain State EquipmentWe often hear from farmers who are looking for the proper way of disposing of large dead animals. Firelake Manufacturing offers cremation equipment needed to properly dispose of large animals through incineration. Our top-loading large animal incinerators are convenient for suspended loading such as when slings or buckets are used. The remains are normally pulled from a side after the cycle is done.

When large animal mortality management is part of your daily operations, such as in a farm, university, or laboratory setting, an affordable disposal solution is a necessity. Firelake Manufacturing provides large animal incineration equipment that will demand fewer resources, take less staff time, and require no third party services.

Farmers are busy, and methods of dealing with dead animals can be a concern, especially with changing laws. Firelake Manufacturing offers reliability and peace of mind in cremation solutions for large animals to make the process accessible and efficient.

Large Animal Cremator Features:

  • Incinerators are ideal for horse, cow, equine, sheep, bovine, swine, sheep, goats, and other large animal cremation needs
  • Large animal cremator load capacity is 50 cubic feet to 225 cubic feet
  • Incinerator Fuel options are NG, LP, and diesel
  • Low electrical demand allows most cremator models to be operated on a low amp single 120 volt or 220-volt feed
  • Stainless steel options are available for large animal incinerator equipment as well as optional chamber linings and many afterburner configurations

Contact us with any questions you may have about which large animal cremator is best for your needs.

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