Waste Oil Equipment

Mountain State Equipment has a wide range of waste oil heaters and boilers from top manufacturers EnergyLogic, and Firelake.

About Waste Oil Equipment

We have factory-trained staff who can install a waste oil heater in your business. In the summer months, many of our customers choose to do proactive maintenance to ensure their waste oil heater will work properly once the weather gets cold. When the time comes for service or repair in the winter, we will make sure your heat is back on promptly.

EnergyLogic is a manufacturer, seller, and innovator of environmentally friendly heating and cooling products, providing thoughtful, customized solutions geared to the individual needs of independent garages and car dealerships, as well as a variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural companies.

In the summer months, Mountain State provides proactive maintenance for our customers to ensure your heater’s longevity. We cover sales and service in WV, PA, VA, MD, TN, KY, OH, NC, and NJ, no matter what unit heater you have. Mountain State is factory-trained and skilled to provide service to all brands of waste oil heaters.

Waste Motor Oil Burning Equipment Credit
You may qualify for this credit if your business operates a facility in Virginia that accepts waste motor oil from the public.
What is it?
An income tax credit equal to 50% of the price paid for equipment used exclusively to burn waste motor oil. The maximum credit allowed is $5,000, not to exceed your tax liability. Excess credits can’t be carried forward. Claim the credit the same year that you buy the equipment. Claim the credit against the following taxes administered by Virginia Tax:

  • Individual income tax
  • Corporation income tax

Using the credit
The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) must certify your equipment before you can claim the credit. Visit their website (deq.virginia.gov) and follow their procedures to apply for certification. To claim the credit, complete the following and attach it to your return:

Please also include a copy of your DEQ certificate, and any receipts, invoices or other documentation to confirm the purchase price of the equipment.
For additional information, see Va. Code § 58.1-439.10.