If there is one thing that every property manager knows, it is that job requires you to always be on the go. Running from unit to unit, often carrying supplies for repairs, is just part of the job. However, there is a way to make your hectic schedule a little easier as a property manager: Using a golf cart to get around the property. E-Z Go golf carts and utility carts are the perfect solution for busy property managers and their staff, who need an easier way to take care of the needs of tenants and owners alike. Here is a look at how an E-Z Go golf cart can make life easier for property managers. 

Transport Equipment for RepairsE-Z-Go Golf carts utility carts - Mountain State Equipment

For your maintenance staff, golf carts can make it easier to show up to each unit in need of repairs with equipment they need in tow. Being able to show up at units with tools ready to go—more tools than it would be practical to carry by hand—saves time by cutting down on the process of inspecting the issue, returning to the office to get the right tools, and then going back to make the repairs. When the repairs require equipment that is not in the golf cart, the maintenance staff can get what they need much faster in a golf cart than if they were on foot. 

Address Tenant Issues Quickly

When tenants have an issue, the faster you can address it, the more satisfied both them and the property owners will be. For tenant concerns that require a face-to-face conversation, a golf cart makes it easier and faster to get to their units and deal with the problem in a timely manner. Setting out on your golf cart also allows you to quickly visit multiple units in one outing on the property. 

Avoid Weather-Related Delays

If you have plans to do a property inspection or to visit multiple units and rain clouds roll in, you may have to postpone your to-do list if you were on foot. However, a golf cart allows you to stay on schedule in inclement weather while staying dry. 

E-Z Go golf cart and utility carts have multiple battery options and can be customized to meet your specific needs. To learn more about how a golf cart can help your property management business, call Mountain State Equipment in Beckley, WV today at (877) 253-7306 or contact us here.