Waste incinerators make it easy and efficient to manage waste for a range of different needs. Selecting the right incinerator for your specific waste management needs is critical to getting the best use out of your investment. Although the best way to find the right incinerator is to talk to your dealer, this advice will help you narrow down your options. 

A200 Incinerator for Agriculture, available at Mountain State EquipmentVolume of Waste
The volume of waste you expect to incinerate on a regular basis is one of the key factors to consider when you’re choosing an incinerator. Calculate the volume based on the size of the container it is collected in and determine how frequently you expect to generate that volume in a week. This information will help you pick the appropriate size for your waste management without overpaying for a system that exceeds your needs. 

Type of Waste
In addition to the volume of waste, the type of waste is also a major consideration. You need different incinerators to dispose of medical waste than you do for veterinary cremation. Mountain State Equipment is the local Firelake Manufacturing incinerator dealer, based in Beckley, WV. We can help you find a model that can dispose of the type of waste you plan to be incinerating most frequently.

Permitting and Regulations
Many municipalities have specific requirements for incinerator use, including special permitting and regulations regarding the disposal of incinerator waste. In some instances, these requirements may impact the kind of incinerator you should choose. Pay close attention to the rules in your area, so that you can easily meet any local requirements.

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