If you operate a medical marijuana farm or dispensary in Beckley, WV, or the surrounding areas, you know how important it is to follow local and state guidelines for growing, selling, and properly disposing of medical marijuana waste. Medical marijuana waste in Beckley, WV must be disposed of in a timely manner, using a method that is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Disposing of Cannabis Waste That is Rendered Unusable

Medical marijuana waste that is rendered unusable, such as returned, recalled, contaminated, or expired cannabis waste or biproducts, must be completely and safely destroyed. This medical marijuana/cannabis waste must be rendered unrecognizable through thermal heat treatment or melting; shredding, grinding, or tearing; and incorporating the resulting medical marijuana waste into municipal waste systems.

Following Local and State Law

Understanding Medical Marijuana Waste Guidelines - Firelake - Mountain State Equipment

To maintain your license and avoid fines and fees, you must follow local and State law for medical marijuana/cannabis waste disposal. In West Virginia, that means being fully compliant with and knowledgeable of W. Va. Code R, §64-110-22.

Methods of Medical Marijuana Waste Disposal

The most effective, safe, and reliable method of marijuana waste disposal is using a commercial incinerator. An incinerator will thoroughly melt and destroy all parts, pieces, and biproducts of medical marijuana waste in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. While an incinerator is a big investment upfront, it will last a lifetime and can be operated onsite. Commercial incinerators will destroy medical marijuana waste down to ash, at which point it can be safely disposed of in the municipal waste system.

Reach out to Mountain State for Waste Incinerators

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