What Makes a Good Incinerator?

At first glance, it may be challenging to decipher high-quality incineration equipment from basic models. Incinerators often have design options that can be added to elevate their performance – which may also increase their cost. Depending on the function of the incinerator, some models may be more effective than others based on features, operational value, and intent of design.

Features that Elevate Incineration Equipment

Good IncineratorRefractory Linings

The refractory lining of an incinerator protects the outer steel casing. It helps maintain heat and cuts down on energy consumption. Linings also serve to enhance the safety and longevity of the incinerator. Hard linings are designed to resist the wear and tear caused by chemicals in wastes.

Good incineratorGrates 

In addition to allowing the entire load to rest evenly above the flame, the grate of an incinerator allows for a faster burn time and the ability to destroy grease on contact. Incinerators without a grate are less expensive but do not work as efficiently as grated incinerators.

GoodSecondary Burn Chamber 

Incinerators with second burn chambers add operational value as they are designed to further clean the flue gas as it departs the lower chamber. However, if you’re determining a good incinerator based on price, incinerators with secondary burn chambers are more expensive. 

GoodTemperature Control

Incinerators equipped with temperature control features are initially more expensive than simpler incinerators. However, they enable businesses to save money on fuel costs, making them a beneficial addition.

As you look for incineration equipment, make sure to take the time to check out which features are added. This can help you decipher high-quality incineration equipment from basic models. Remember, high-priced equipment doesn’t always mean high-quality equipment.

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