Veterinary incinerators provide many benefits to veterinary clinics and the community around them. They allow for the safe and compliant disposal of dead animals and create a new revenue stream for the veterinary clinic. Furthermore, they also bring a greater convenience for grieving pet owners. As a company, we believe it is important to be invested in the community around you. That is why we highly recommend making the small initial investment in a veterinary incinerator for pet cremation. You can provide a valuable service to your community while also generating passive income for your business. However, before you make the purchase of a veterinary incinerator, make sure you know what you should be looking for.

Choosing a Veterinary Incinerator

If you plan on using a veterinary incinerator for pet cremation, you should make sure you’re choosing the right size and model to remain in compliance with local and state laws. Firelake veterinary incinerators are reliable, efficient, affordable, and safe. In addition, they meet the needs of a busy veterinary clinic as well as local statutes. Depending on the size and volume of your veterinary practice and the size of the pets you plan on cremating, it should be easy to find the right model of Firelake incinerator for your needs and budget. 

Veterinary incinerator

  • Model C Incinerators – these are ideal for fast, complete, and efficient waste disposal
  • P16 & P25 Incinerators – best for larger loads and low energy consumption
  • P50 Incinerators – suitable for large animal carcasses like pigs, deer, goats, etc.
  • HP30 Incinerators – front-loading for user-friendly access and clean out; guarantees 30% faster burn rates
  • Large Animal Incinerators – for safe, compliant animal disposal rather than pet cremation; designed for large animals like cows, horses, and other large animals

Common Features of Veterinary Incinerators

Make sure that your veterinary incinerator can handle pet cremations by comparing features between different models. For pet cremation, you want a veterinary incinerator that offers a timer function, front-loading access, no visible emissions or odors, EPA-compliance, and is the right size and capacity for your needs and budget.

Ask a Professional for Advice

If you’re looking for a veterinary incinerator for pet cremation in Beckley, WV, come see us at Mountain State Equipment. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right veterinary incinerator for your needs. We only sell top of the line equipment, and we’re the only dealer of Firelake Incinerators in the area. Just call us today at (877) 253-7306, visit our showroom, or contact us online.