75H EnergyLogic multi-fuel heaterA waste oil heater is a type of forced air heating system that takes in cold air and pushes it over a heating element. When the air is heated, it is blown out through ductwork and vents to heat a home, business, barn, or other structure. Before buying a waste oil heater in Beckley or the West Virginia area, take a look at these common waste oil heater FAQs:

Are Waste Oil Heaters Energy Efficient?

Yes, waste oil heaters are incredibly energy efficient! Just two gallons of waste oil can produce enough energy to run an entire household for 24 hours. Waste oil heaters are energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

What Type of Oil Can You Burn in a Waste Oil Heater?

The type of oil you can burn in a waste oil heater may depend upon the type of waste oil heater you buy. Most waste oil heaters can burn used crankcase oil, used automatic transmission fluid, and ASTM D396 No. 2 fuel oil, including diesel. You should never burn gasoline, hazardous waste, antifreeze, carburetor cleaner, paint thinner, chlorinated material, solvents, oil additives, or animal fats.

Are Waste Oil Heaters Economical?

Waste oil heaters are much more economical than natural gas or electric heaters. For every gallon of waste oil burned, you could save up to $2.82 in natural gas costs. Waste oil heaters are also eco-friendly, as you’re burning waste that would otherwise be disposed of. You would also have to pay to dispose of this waste, so you’re saving even more money there!

What Maintenance Does a Waste Oil Heater Need?

Your waste oil heater will need annual maintenance, just like any other heating or cooling system. You will also need to remove the ash at regular intervals. You will need to periodically drain and clean your used-oil tank.

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