Waste incinerators cleanly and responsibly help a variety of different businesses dispose of their waste. There are more industries than you may imagine that depend on waste incinerators for several different kinds of waste. These machines offer a safe solution for dealing with waste that could otherwise be hazardous, and they are an affordable and environmentally friendly option for disposing of all kinds of waste generated by commercial, agricultural, and industrial operations. 

A400 Waste Incinerator by FirelakeZoos and Animal Parks

One of the most crucial parts of running a zoo or other kind of animal park is to protect the animals from disease or infection. Waste is a significant potential source of illness for animals, from waste that is generated by the animals themselves to waste created by park goers. By incinerating medical and veterinary waste, as well as food waste and waste created by the animals, facility owners can protect the animals, their employees, and the visiting public. Incinerators can also be used for cremation of deceased animals. 

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies frequently confiscate prescription and illegal drugs during their investigations. After these seizures have served their evidentiary purposes, incinerating them is a safe way of disposing of them without exposing the public. Additionally, incineration can be used to dispose of sensitive information, such as case files after they have been digitized along with evidence that no longer needs to be stored. 

Emergency Crisis Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened many people’s eyes about the need for safe handling of biohazardous waste, and incinerators were deployed to medical facilities around the country for that purpose. Additionally, in emergency situations such as the Avian flu or other outbreaks of pathogenic diseases in animals, culling animals is often necessary. Incinerators are frequently used to safely dispose of the animal carcasses. 

These examples are just a few of the many ways waste incinerators can be used across industries. To find out if your business could benefit from a waste incinerator, contact Mountain State Equipment where we sell Firelake incinerators. Contact us online, stop by our showroom in Beckley, or talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members by calling (877) 253-7306.