The Leading Choice for Agricultural Waste Incineration

Incineration is the most efficient process for risk reduction when dealing with removing livestock carcasses and waste. Firelake Manufacturing’s agricultural incinerators aid farmers in preventing contamination and keeping their facilities clean and orderly. Firelake offers several incinerator models to accommodate the individual needs and budgets of farmers across the United States. 

A600 Firelake agricultural Incinerators

The Importance of a Reliable Agricultural Incinerator 

Proper disposal of animal carcasses and waste is crucial to keep your facility clean and safe. A reliable agricultural incinerator reduces the potential spread of harmful diseases and creates a healthy environment for your animals and employees. Composting and other disposal methods do not prevent the spread of disease and groundwater contamination as effectively as agricultural incinerators, and with the gravity of these risks, it is crucial to ensure proper waste elimination within your facility. Destroy waste as fast as it accumulates with one of Firelake’s leading incinerators. 

The Benefits of Firelake’s Leading Agricultural Incinerators 

Firelake’s incinerators are unparalleled; they offer industry-leading results that help improve the efficiency and safety of your facility. Their incinerators are biosecure, sanitary, and proven to provide quality incineration. They are offered in a variety of burner models to suit your specific needs, with incinerators that can hold 200 to 800 pounds per use. They are user-friendly — simply set the timer and the incinerator will get the job done while you focus on what’s important. Firelake’s incinerators also run on your choice of fuel for added convenience, choose between oil, LP, or natural gas. 

Keep your business safe while reducing waste and the cost of dealing with the waste by trusting Firelake agricultural incinerators to get your disposal jobs done, quickly and efficiently. Mountain State Equipment is your trusted dealer of Firelake incinerators in West Virginia. Contact us today at 877-253-7306